Outlook 2016/Office 365 Email Account Setup

This procedure can also be used to configure email on your mobile phone. 
Use the "Manually Configure" option on your phone's email setup procedure, and skip to Step 4 below.

Step 1. Open Outlook, click on the File tab, click Account Settings

Step 1a.  If you see this screen, choose Manage Profiles

Otherwise, click Account Settings from the dropdown list:

Step 2. If troubleshooting or re-configuring the account, click the 'Email Accounts' button, and skip to Step 4 below.

Step 2b. If adding a new account, click "Add Account":

Step 2c. Choose "Manual Setup:

Step 3. Choose "POP", and click Next.



Configuring the Mailbox:

If you are reconfiguring a mailbox, you will see the screen below.  Highlight the account you wish to change, and click 'Change'.
If you are adding a new account, scroll down to Step 4, and fill out the screen as shown.

Step 4. Fill in the form as shown below, using your email information:

In the Your Name box, type your full name, like 'Bob Jones'
In the Email Address box, type your full email address.
Make sure you choose POP3 as the Account Type:

Email Address: you@yourdomain.com
User name: you@yourdomain.com
Password: **********
Incoming (POP3) Server: mail.yourdomain.com
Outgoing (SMTP) Server: mail.yourdomain.com

Do NOT use SPA, SSL, or any sort of encryption:
Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)?: Unchecked

Step 5. Click the "More Settings" button, to set the server configuration.

Click the Outgoing Server tab, and check the boxes as shown below:

My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication: Checked
Use the same settings as my incoming mail server? Checked

Step 6. Click the "Advanced" tab, and ensure that the Incoming and outgoing port numbers
are set as shown below, and that the "Leave a copy of messages on the server" box is left unchecked.

If this box is checked, then your server inbox will fill up over time, and you will stop receiving
mail when you exceed your server inbox capacity limit of 50MB. 

Incoming server port (POP3): 110
Outgoing Server port (SMTP): 587
Use encrypted connection: None
Leave a copy of messages on the server: Unchecked

If you want to leave a two week 'rolling window' of messages on the server that you can access with your cell phone,
configure this screen as follows, making sure to check the box 'Remove from server after 14 days'. 
Otherwise, your mailbox on the server will fill up after a period of time.


Click OK when done.

Step 7. Once back to the "Add Account" screen, click the "Test Account Settings"
button, to verify your setup is complete, and then click Next.

Testing Account Settings:

Your setup is complete.

Step 8: If you need to get back to the configuration screens, go to the File tab, click
Account Settings>Account Settings>Manage Profiles
, and that will take you to Step 4:

If you are setting up a mobile phone, use the same settings as shown above, and make
sure you configure it so the messages you delete from the phone are also deleted from the server.

You will need to manually configure the mail account info on your phone, as the automatic
setup wizards on most mobile phones will not work.

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