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We build basic websites for individuals and small businesses for as low as $599.95, as well as sophisticated content management system websites utilizing the latest web technologies.  There are no hidden costs, our website packages are 'turn-key' for the listed price, and will be fully functional when we complete your project.

What kind of website do you need?
Take the Quiz:

  • I have a small business or organization.
  • I need between 1 and 5 pages for my website.
  • I don't need to change my content very often.
  • I want a small business website that is 'mobile friendly' by Google's guidelines.
  • I want to sell just a few items, but they seldom change prices or styles.
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  • I have a small to midsize business or organization.
  • I need more than 5 pages of content, with room to grow my website in the future.
  • I change my content frequently, but don't need to sell things online.
  • I want to make my own changes to my website.
  • Learn more about Content Management System Websites
Basic eCommerce Website Features:
  • I need an eCommerce website to sell my products online.
  • I want to be able to change my own prices.
  • I want to accept credit card payments for my online sales
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Advanced eCommerce Features:

  • I want to manage my inventory online, and show items as out of stock when they are sold out.
  • I want to offer product options with different sizes, colors and prices.
  • I want to allow customers to post reviews of my products.
  • I want to offer digital download product fulfillment on my site.
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Or, explore our packages, and see which one of these options is right for you:

bullet Basic 1 Page Websites for Small Businesses
bullet Business Class Websites for Small to Medium Businesses
bullet Content Management Websites for Medium to Large Businesses (our most popular package)
bullet eCommerce Websites for Businesses of all sizes
bullet Event Management & Registration Systems for organizations, festivals and fairs


John Ohlson - Dragonwyck Web Design LLC

John Ohlson, Owner
Dragonwyck Web Design LLC

Why Choose Dragonwyck Web Design LLC?

We build "Websites that Work".  An effective business website is more than just a pretty picture, or an entertainment piece that people 'play with'.  Your business has goals to be successful, and we take those goals seriously and incorporate them into your website design to ensure your website visitors are taking the actions you need to reach those goals.  Without this important concept in place, your website is doomed to failure, no matter how 'pretty' it looks.

Our website technology is mobile-friendly, lightweight and responsive, featuring a low code-to-content ratio, meaning they load fast, and respond quickly to a variety of different devices; including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.  Many competitor's Wordpress or other CMS sites are bloated with hundreds of lines of excess code and large files that increase your website's download speed, that is not necessary to display the small amount of actual content you actually see on the page.

We have a local presence right here in Gig Harbor; someone you can talk to face to face.  We will provide an online presence for your company that aligns with your business goals, and responds to your customer's needs.  We possess the knowledge and experience to build sound business solutions that drive success.  We leverage newer technologies to help your business stay at the leading edge, while maintaining backwards compatibility with older devices.  We look at the big picture to deliver a complete web presence that provides the optimal business solution for your business, including Social Media as well as other opportunities to enhance your online presence.

Dragonwyck Web Design LLC has been in the web business for over 25 years, and possesses the experience and reputation needed to provide a quality online presence for your company or organization.

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Is your website 'Mobile Friendly'?

On April 21, 2015, Google began giving preference to 'mobile friendly' websites in the search results shown to people searching from a mobile device.  With over 60% of today's website visitors using mobile devices to search the web, this important development is not something you want to ignore! 

Find out if your website is 'Mobile Friendly'

Our mobile friendly websites are built for smart phone browsers, and their design passes Google's "Mobile Friendly" test.  This important design feature will ensure your visitors using a smart phone browser will be able to see your website in a mobile friendly format.

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Small To Medium Businesses

5 Page Business Web

$1199.95 - $19.99/mo. Basic websites for small to medium businesses.

This website includes from two to five pages, a contact form with auto-responder, email accounts, Business Class Web Hosting.  Free Search Engine Consultation & Submission and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is included with every website we build.

Add static e-commerce functionality for $10.00 per month

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Content Management Systems

Directory Manager CMS

$1599.95 - $29.99/mo.
Websites for larger businesses, communities & organizations.
Our most popular web.

This website will allow you the flexibility to create your own content; pages, navigation links and more, without knowing any HTML code.  Your website grows with you, and there are no monthly maintenance fees.  Add new categories and create unlimited text content under each one.

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eCommerce Websites

Directory Manager Pro

$1999.95 - $39.99/mo.
eCommerce Website

Expanded websites for larger businesses, eCommerce sites and commercial ventures. 

Dynamically display products, specifications, event calendars, newsletters, classified ads, business directories, and more, in real time. Includes all of the features of our Directory Manager package, plus e-commerce capabilities built right in.

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Directory Manager Ultra-Pro

Event Management & Registration

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Domain Name Registration

$21.00 per year for .com names
$26.00 for .net & .org names
Other TLD's priced individually.
Note: This form is for domain availability only, and is not a guarantee a particular name is available.
Find the available name you want, and then add it to your shopping cart using the form below:

Domain Name Requested *  

 * Domain names requested are subject to availability with the Registrar, availability not guaranteed.

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Other Web Services

Search Engine Optimization & Consultation

Anyone can submit your site to the search engines, but how well will your site score? We offer specialized consultation on how to optimize your site content, and how to choose the best keywords to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Many of our clients rank in the top 10 results in search engine queries.

  • Premium consultation & submission package: $125.00
  • Premium Add-on to website packages listed above $79.95

Website Tools & Services

Tools you can use on your website, to provide additional functionality.

  • E-mail Forms Included with all packages
  • Custom Web Forms Built to your specifications
  • Custom Database maintenance tools  Free Estimates on request
  • Slideshows and Thumbnail Galleries
  • Web Analytics Included on all website packages
  • Social Network integration supported